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Person holding a glass globe of the Earth with two hands

Climate Compatible Growth (CCG) is a £38m UK aid funded research programme, helping developing countries take a path of low carbon development whilst simultaneously unlocking profitable investment in green infrastructure, opening up new markets and supporting delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Left unchecked, climate change will cause major economic, social, and environmental damage, affecting global security, food systems, water resources, health, and ecosystems. Developing countries are at the most immediate risk. CCG can provide the right evidence at the right time on how developing countries can respond best to the low-carbon transition against a backdrop of Covid-19 economic recovery and rapid tech transformations.

In collaboration with national and international research partners, CCG will deliver the energy and transport system tools and decision support frameworks needed to create climate compatible growth and sustainable economic infrastructure. CCG aims to change the ‘rules of the game’, breaking away from siloed thinking to open new markets and jobs, shift financial flows, and make green transitions possible.

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Photo Credit: Bill Oxford/Unsplash